As your business grows, it’s important to be able to continue operating effectively and efficiently. It can be challenging to keep track of increasing amounts of data, to properly allocate limited resources, and to maintain seamless collaboration between teams, departments, and clients. 

Fortunately, there’s a project portfolio management (PPM) solution: Smartsheet’s automation can save your company time and money while helping it to make the most of its resources. Here’s a quick rundown of what it is and how it can help your company succeed.

  • It’s not Excel, it’s better: A review for Smartsheet describes it as “Excel on steroids,” and while it offers many of the same features, it’s so much more–Smartsheet is all about flexibility, with its rows and columns featuring multiple customizable features including chat and detailed project progress logs. Visually, it looks similar to Excel but offers more tools and functionality for project management.
  • Smartsheet allows for collaboration across teams, departments, and with clients: Smartsheet lets users collaborate with people both inside and outside your organization. It offers free licenses for outside users, allowing them to communicate with you easily, review, and add things all in Smartsheet. 
  • Smartsheet is your Google Drive, Sharepoint, and Dropbox folder all in one: Because it can seamlessly integrate and connect with many of the systems your team uses today, Smartsheet can house important documents, time sheets, videos, brand assets, and more. Instead of digging for different assets stored in different areas, Smartsheet acts as a “one-stop shop,” saving time and keeping important assets organized. Rather than replacing these applications, it creates a centralized hub for all of the information to be stored and organized.
  • Smartsheet helps with task management: In addition to tracking upcoming projects and tasks, its automated processes can ping users when they need to review, make changes, and set reminders for timelines. Smartsheet enables users to replace manual, repetitive tasks with flexible and automated processes. 
  • Smartsheet is secure: Offering enterprise-grade security controls, Smartsheet Gov helps government departments, agencies, and partners maintain full compliance with specific security protocols. In addition to having DOD DISA Level 4 Provisional Authorization, Smartsheet Gov is the only FedRAMP authorized collaborative work management platform for federal agencies and government contractors. Knowing this, you can be sure that all your company’s information and data is safe and secure.

    Your organization’s needs are unique, and Smartsheet is built to effectively meet those needs regardless of scale or scope. As a Smartsheet Aligned Partner, we can help your company work to its maximum potential while safeguarding yoursecurity and minimizing your costs. With over 30 years of combined expertise in project management, we can help clients of every size scale for the future.

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