According to a commissioned Forrester Consulting survey of over 1,000 knowledge workers, large organizations use an average of 367 different software tools, which creates data silos and disrupts processes between teams. Open data flow between teams is essential for success – 80% of those respondents said that reducing data silos is a top priority for their respective organizations. 

There is a solution: Airtable is a cloud collaboration platform that provides the power of a database to streamline just about any process, workflow, or project. It allows teams of any size to create a single source of truth and build their own powerful, custom apps without having to learn to write code. 

Because investing in new technology is a major commitment, it’s important to examine the benefits that it can bring to your organization. Here are five things you should know about Airtable.

  1. It’s user-friendly, no matter the scale of your enterprise: whether you have a small business or a large, complex enterprise, Airtable has flexible and easy-to-use solutions that can help your company seamlessly centralize data and connect all of its workflows.
  2. It’s secure: Airtable provides enterprise-grade security and administration, offering ISO 27001, SOC 2, and GDPR compliance; centralized data governance; scalable, reliable architecture; and advanced administrative controls.
  3. It’s customizable: Airtable’s Interface Designer allows anyone, regardless of technical skill level, to build and share custom interfaces without code by using drag-and-drop components. Interfaces can be created to match the way each person on the team works, no matter what the project is.
  4. It’s visual: Airtable allows you to create interactive dashboards with graphs, charts, and grids to easily manipulate data into different views that’s right for you or your team. This allows flexibility for each user to view the information in a visual way.
  5. It integrates with all of your favorite tools: from Asana to Zendesk, Airtable connects to your most important business information to help you build more powerful applications. It even works with SMS and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The experts at Global PMO Partners can help your business make the most out of Airtable’s capabilities. Get started with Global PMO Partners today and schedule a scoping call!