Project Management Optimization (PMO) combines project portfolio managment (PPM) and methodologies to help an organization fully understand their business processes so they can take on projects and tasks in the most effective, efficient, and consistent manner.

Government contractors face a number of unique challenges when it comes to project management. While the new $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill has added many new GovCon opportunities for companies in a wide range of sectors, entry into this sector may be surprising to newcomers joining the federal sphere.

Some of the challenges to managing government projects include enhanced security requirements, budgetary requirements, and navigating the strict rules and regulations regarding hiring, transparency, project review, procurement processes, and so on. In addition, some government agencies have employees in a number of geographically separate offices, making oversight of a PM team more challenging. While companies in the private sector enjoy some flexibility, this isn’t an option in the government sector.

While it can be challenging, good project management is critical for government contractors for multiple reasons. Here are a few:

  • It provides insight into whether projects are worth taking on.
  • It creates a framework enabling teams to do work consistently across all projects and throughout the organization.
  • It enables efficient responses to disasters or disturbances, such as pandemics.
  • It eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel by providing a set of tools and techniques that can be scaled for multiple projects
  • It monitors whether project deliverables are completed (and whether they’re on time) while helping project teams and leaders to report on progress to agencies and government leaders.
  • It allows agencies to adapt more easily to new technologies because they become part of structured project management.

Smartsheet Gov, created by the online PPM platform, Smartsheet, is the only FedRAMP authorized collaborative work management platform for federal agencies and government contractors. Specifically designed to help with project management while also maintaining security compliance, it helps contractors to optimize resources, work more efficiently, and control costs.

PPM through Smartsheet Gov can help agencies easily manage contracts throughout their entire lifecycles, tracking and maintaining ongoing tasks, metrics, and project status. Because time and cost tracking is crucial for government requirements, Smartsheet provides insights into teams’ progress on tasks while helping them to tackle roadblocks. It also enables enhanced collaboration, allowing team members to maintain constant communication while keeping critical data secure.

Global PMO Partners, a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, can help your company work to its maximum potential while protecting its data, ensuring regulatory compliance, and increasing efficiency. With over 30 years of combined expertise in project management, we can offer transformational PMO and Smartsheet solutions to help clients of every size scale for the future.

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