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Are you considering Miro for future project management? Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together.

As certified project management experts, Global PMO Partners has broad expertise in helping organizations of all sizes transform into a more efficient future state. Miro can be used in a variety of cases, including Smartsheet and Airtable Integrations, Strategy and Planning, Ideation and Brainstorming, Mapping and Diagramming, and Workshops and Meetings.

Optimize Your Project Management with Miro 

Is your team’s project management optimal within the Miro platform? We’ll help you maximize the platform’s functionality for your processes

Get Template Creation and Integration Assistance

The sky is the limit with Miro’s tools. We’ll help you refine your uses for the platform based on its strengths and your unique needs through custom templates and integrations.

Integrate Miro Seamlessly with Airtable, Smartsheet, and More

Did you know that Miro has bidirectional functionality with both Smartsheet & Airtable? We can help you set up and maximize Miro’s integration for either platform.

Train Your Team the Ins and Outs Of Miro

Your team may already be utilizing Miro, but are they trained on all of its capabilities and best practices? Our team can assist with customized training that will maximize the investment in the platform you’re already making.

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