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Why We Partner

At Global PMO Partners, it’s important for us to collaborate with businesses of all sizes and industries to bring Smartsheet solutions to organizations that are unaware of the power of project management. Partnerships are an integral part of Global PMO Partners as it allows us more opportunities to work with organizations that know the value of Smartsheet and combine our unique skill set. We work with trusted partners across multiple industries in IT, Marketing, life sciences, HCM, and organizational change to create customized solutions to fit your unique project management needs.

Meet Our Partners

HCM | Capstone HCM is exclusively focused on Human Captial Management Advisory and Consulting Services. Its goal is to be the premier provider of project-based consulting and resource augmentation for mid to up-marketing organizations. Capstone HCM provides consulting services for strategic planning, implementation, ongoing projects, and resource augmentation.


Organization Change | Transformation happens when people imagine their work, processes, data, behavior and organizations in new ways – and act to create new outcomes. MMG helps leaders outline new possibilities for their organizations – and make important decisions. And they design and deploy creative and collaborative solutions (including leader development, systems/ dashboards, coaching and more) to bring those new possibilities into existence.  To close the loop around real change and ROI: Reach out to MMG about a structured program that provides in-program feedback for leaders/ learners, and ties transformation and behavior-change practices to business outcomes.

Life Sciences | The Morris Group is a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategies and solutions for growth-stage companies in the Technology and Life Sciences sectors.


Marketing | with over 20 years combined experience, Windrose Management helps businesses of all sizes with marketing technology strategy and implementation, brand and campaign launch project management, and outsourced marketing operations support.

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