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Project Management Optimization

Project Management Optimization is the combination of implementing project management software and methodologies to help an organization understand their business processes for projects and tasks. With our experience as former PMO leaders and Project Managers, we recognize how important understanding and optimizing your project portfolio can be for your team and set you up for success. Powered by Smartsheet Solutions, our team of Smartsheet consultants help understand your pain points as a business and provide customized project portfolio management solutions to meet your team’s unique needs.


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Our Project Management Optimization Process

Project Intake

During the first step of this process, we create workflows and automations in Smartsheet as needed. This includes creating project portfolio metadata for reports, metrics, and dashboards, leveraging integration tools like a CRM and providing users with different calendar and dynamic views.

Project Portfolio Financial Management

Our next step is to assess the current state of your project portfolio financial management and transform and optimize it using Smartsheet.

Project Portfolio Status Reporting

In this step, we incorporate a status reporting process leveraging Smartsheet. This reporting will be functional at the portfolio level using Smartsheet automation for weekly status updates.

Project Portfolio Dashboards

Lastly, we compile the data collected from project intake, project lists and status reporting to create the first stage of your team’s project portfolio dashboard so you can start leveraging Smartsheet!

Hear what our customers had to say:

“Fabulous Experience! Our GPMO consultants were able to read our minds. We now have a better interactive Smartsheet dashboard using our existing files and general workflow. What impresses me most about this experience, besides them making it look so easy, is that GPMO actually took the time to listen, understand and comprehend our procedures and then simply improved upon it with no need to reinvent the wheel.”

– Nikki B.


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